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A miss is as good as a mile.

by Rachel N. Patton

Birthday Parties for Children Are Elaborate Events Nowadays

Birthday parties for kids sure have gotten a lot more elaborate since when I was a kid. Back for my eighth birthday I had a cake, mom served some sandwiches, a couple of my friends and relatives gave me a gift and that was it. I remember the day playing with the other kids more than anything else. Now our daughter is turning eight, and she is getting quite the elaborate birthday party put on by my wife, her mother and my mother. They found a childrens magician in Brisbane, are having a couple of exotic animals brought in, and it is being held at a place you rent for banquets and other events. They have a nice pool there. It is pretty cool being a kid these days.

I am sure that a couple of the gifts will be electronic items. When I was growing up the most advanced electronics was a tennis video game that was a big box, two paddle controllers and it played on our old console TV set. Continue Reading

by Rachel N. Patton

Getting One Heck of a Work out in This New Job

I knew what I was getting in to when I signed up at the temp place. I figured they were going to send me to crappy jobs that I would hate, but I did not expect them to be quite as hard as the one I have been doing this week. I have been working for this place that is doing commercial roof installation in Bergen county NJ and the truth is that since I know almost nothing about the job they are using me as a beast of burden. We have been working on the top of this huge factory roof. It must be about five acres in size, with all sorts of features. Continue Reading

by Rachel N. Patton

We Need More Reasons to Wear Wedding Dresses

You could have never convinced me that getting married would turn out to be such a trial! Wow! When I proposed I sincerely believed that we could just throw some kind of party at a park or something, say some words, express our love for one another in front of our families then hit up Vegas. I mean, does it have to be any more difficult than that? Apparently if a mother has her way, it does! She had us go way, way traditional - like a limo Toronto, a church, a tuxedo for me and a dress for her. It's as if she doesn't even know us, man!

Amy and I are very similar people - we like to keep things on the DL. We try not to make any moment or experience too complicated; there's no reason to! We both wanted the same kind of wedding that was laid back as possible but ever since her father died her mother has been very family focused. She needed the wedding more than either of us so Amy let her have it. At least we didn't have to pay a dime for it. I would have been very put off if that had been the case, I tell you what.

So the wedding was, well, very nice. She was breath taking in her dress but it's a shame it's one of those kinds of dresses that you only wear once. I am now a firm believer in creating more events for women to wear their wedding dresses at! Come on, ladies! Those dresses can cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You should look for any and every excuse to wear them as often as you can (divorce and re-marriage excluded here). Maybe we can start some kind of trend, what do you think?

Take A Peek

by Shane M. Conway

Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton Event on 2015-04-04 20:00:00 Michael Bolton is a multiple Grammy Award-winning Singer, Songwriter and Social Activist, who has sold more than 53 million records around the world, where he continues to tour every Take A Peek

by Shane M. Conway

Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia Event on 2014-12-31 21:00:00 Mike Birbiglia Wednesday, December 31, 2014 @ 9 PM, doors @ 8 PM The Moore 21 & Over on Main Floor, All ages in Balcony Rserved Seating - .00- .00 (not including fees) On Sale: Friday, Take A Peek

by Shane M. Conway

Barra System

Passive solar collector To convert the suns light into heat indirect a separate, insulated space is constructed on the sunny side of the house walls. Looking at the outside, and moving through a cross section there is an Take A Peek